Hidden treasures buried in NYC?

August 2, 2010 2:45:48 PM PDT
There's a treasure worth $10,000 that has been hidden somewhere in New York City.

Two pirates are mad, they say they don't remember where they buried their gold.

So where is it?

"It's?no don't share, no secrets," said one pirate puppet.

On their website www.welostourgold.com they swear $10,000 is buried somewhere in New York City.

10 grand in US dollar coins that is?real money that will belong to whoever finds it.

How can you piece together a treasure map?

The website will offer 8 videos and clues, over 8 weeks to point the way, but someone must figure it out.

So where's that gold?

"We can't tell you that," one of the pirates said.

So what about the guys behind the puppets. They don't want to be interviewed or for anyone to know about them. The puppets don't know they are puppets, they think they are pirates.

One of them is Captain and the other one is Mulligan.

The puppeteers call themselves starving artists, who've saved for 4 years.