Nearly 20 cats removed from home on LI

August 3, 2010 3:54:09 PM PDT
A cat house on Long Island was shut down Tuesday by authorities.

Nearly 20 wild and interbreeding felines were living in filth and disease.

They have now been removed and in some cases, put down.

The house was so decrepit and infectious, reporters were told to stay away.

By all descriptions, it was a house of animal horrors.

"The fleas are that bad. They are dropping off the walls," said Chris Elton, the Director of the Babylon Animal Shelter.

Babylon Firemen were also brought in to assist at the scene.

They put up large fans to help reduce the foul odor inside.

The home on Mitchell Avenue had recently been condemned.

Animal control officers wearing protective gear entered the home and began rounding up the 17 cats, 5 of them kittens.

11 of the cats had to be euthanized at the direction of an SPCA veterinarian.

"One of the officers got bit by a cat. Another one of the cats being transported to the shelter bit one of the neighbors. This has been an ongoing problem," Elton said.

Neighbors say they thought this day would never come.

They have complained about the cats interbreeding and running wild all over the place.

"Cats everywhere. Nasty cats, biting people, hissing at people, a total disruption of the neighborhood," said neighbor Rob DeMario.

Bruce Murray's wife Jennifer, was one of the latest victim's attacked by a cat.

"We have two dogs here. They were in our fenced in yard and got into a fight with one of the cats. My wife went out to try and break it up and one of the cats bit her hand," Murray said.

With no one living there, neighbors say, for at least a week, the Babylon Animal Rescue Center began pushing the issue along.

"I think it was pretty universal. It was a quality of life issue as well as a health issue," Elton said.

Some of the kittens are young enough that they could be put up for adoption.

The shelter plans to set traps for any additional cats that might still be in the neighborhood.