Althletes train for NY's longest race ever

August 3, 2010 3:59:10 PM PDT
A group of highly motivated runners are trying to prove they can go the distance. They are set on acing the world's longest certified footrace the 14th annual self-transcendence race.

Runner, Dharbasana Lynn, said winning this race has always been a dream of hers.

"It's been a dream of mine for quite some time to keep challenging myself and going beyond further and further and seeing what capacity lies within and what I'm capable of," said Lynn. .

it's that same desire to tap deep into ones mind and body that drives these elite athletes from around the world.

Runners have 52 days to complete 3100 miles here in Jamaica, Queens, that's like running 2.5 marathons each day. Tough under any circumstances but what makes this so much more difficult is the course. It's only four city blocks and they will have to run 5,649 laps to complete the race.

"The hardest part I would say is having the determination to continue to keep on going, like sometimes you have so much resistance, physically your body is tired and exhausted, mentally you're fatigued and to carry on is quite difficult and emotionally it can become quite tumultuous," said Lynn.

They say meditating is must. Pranjal Milovnik, who's ran about 50 marathons, including the infamous Ironman triathlon, has plenty experience with this preparation technique. .

"You have to learn to work with your mind because your mind can be your best helper but can be your worst enemy." Milovnik.

The runners come up with clever ways to ease the blisters, cuts and tears but being on your feet this long will inevitably lead to this.

A team keeps track of everyone's progress.

Rupantor larusso, the race director said, "they take very short breaks, when they eat they eat moving, have to fix a shoe they are walking as they fix their shoes, whole goal is to stay on the track as long as you can."

The course is open 6:00 a.m. until midnight.

This year, the first runner finished on day 46, he averaged 66 miles a day, but for the runners are more interested in the unique journey of self discovery.