107 dogs from Gulf coast need new homes

August 6, 2010 3:42:16 PM PDT
More than a hundred dogs from the Gulf Coast are looking for new homes in New Jersey.

It's always thrilling when a rescue truck rolls into St. Hubert's driveway.

The 107 dogs were all brought to New Jersey from the Gulf Coast region.

These are not stray dogs, but rather pets that were loved.

"These dogs were given up, the majority of them due to the economic conditions in the Gulf region, due to the oil spill," said Kelly Vanasse, the Communications Director for St. Hubert's.

St. Hubert's definitely has heartstrings for the Gulf region.

They welcomed an airlift of pets after hurricane Katrina and are happy to call back in the wake of the spill.

"New Jersey is a coastal state, so we know how devastated something like this could be and how people make their living from the sea. So, having to give up their pets, we can't imagine how hurtful that was for them, so we're happy to be able to reach out and say we'll take care of them and make sure they're in happy homes," said Norma Parker, the Vice President of Animal Welfare at St. Hubert's.

It was quite a journey for the dogs.

Getting them to New Jersey really was a labor of love.

"We used two drivers cut the trip down to 18 hours, it felt good to bring them," said Rowdy Shaw of the US Humane Society.

"They've been traveling so far, but they're happy, wagging their tales, they are great," said Greg Mandak, a St. Hubert's volunteer.

Each dog is checked to see if it already has a chip, if not, its given one and a number to make it easier to find the owner should the dog get lost.

The dogs were checked out health-wise even before they got here and they are healthy.

They are a little smelly, so they'll get baths, lots of hugs, and be ready for adoptions by the end of next week.