Newark, LaGuardia, JFK get full body scanners

August 6, 2010 8:20:44 PM PDT
LaGuardia, Newark, and JFK Airports will all get full body scanners next month.

Friday night at Newark Liberty International Airport some passengers welcomed the new scanners.

"They have to do what they have to do ensuring our safety," said passenger, Pamela Corpes.

She and others see it as a necessary added layer of security in a world of terror threats.

The new high tech machines will screen passengers.

They use something called "advance imaging technology" that can detect weapons and explosives that could be concealed under a person's clothes.

Passenger Bob Larkin is concerned that passing through the machines might initially tack time on to a trip.

"There will be confusion, there will be concerns, uncertainty, it's something new, whenever you introduce change into a process where people are trying to get through as fast as possible it will be a bit of a bottle neck," Larkin said.

But the machines have already been installed in airports across the country, and the report card is in.

Jared Blank runs a website called Online Travel Review.

"One of the initial concerns is that it would take longer, we haven't seen that at all," Blank said.

But there has been controversy.

Some consider a body scanner to be a high tech invasion of privacy.

Some feel it is revealing more about a passenger to TSA workers than they really need to know.

"The TSA has basically said you know if you don't want to go through the scanner, walk around it, we'll pat you down, and you can go on your way," Blank said.

Passenger Tom Sullivan says he's more focused on security than invasion of privacy when he travels.

"You get half undressed anyway waiting in those lines to get the inspection done, you're taking your shoes, your belts off, and emptying your pockets so it's no more invasive than that," Sullivan said.