Guilty plea entered in 'Leandra's Law' crash

August 10, 2010 2:54:21 PM PDT
A Bronx mother charged in the drunk driving death of an 11-year-old girl has pleaded guilty to manslaughter Tuesday.

Leandra Rosado's family has waited nine months to hear Bronx mom, Carmen Huertas, publicly accept guilt for this horrific DWI crash last October.

11-year-old Leandra was thrown out of the car when it flipped over on the West Side Highway.

Six other girls including Danielle Rosario and Huertes' own daughter were hurt.

Danielle has had 11 operations to repair two crushed legs, but she walked into court Tuesday.

"It was pretty good so, that she admitted it, that it was her, but it is still pretty sad," Danielle Rosario said.

A teary eyed Huertas pleaded guilty to 16 felony counts including second degree manslaughter.

She admitted she drank cognac before getting behind the wheel.

The judge said he will not give her the minimum sentence of probation or the maximum five to 15, but rather somewhere in between.

Leandra's dad wants Huertas to serve at least 10 years.

"If it's less than 10 years, I'm not accepting that, you know this young lady took my daughter's life, she was only 11-years-old she had her whole life ahead of her. You know she gave me her word that night and it hurts, she said that your daughter is in good hands," Kenny Rosado, Leandra's father said.

Rosado has already succeeded in getting Leandra's Law passed statewide, making it a felony to drive drunk with a child in a car.

This Sunday a feature requiring an ignition locking device for repeat offenders takes effect, and Rosado is now looking to make his daughter's law go nationwide.

"I wrote a letter to the White House and asked the president if I could sit with him, one father to another father, to see if we could take this law nationwide to protect the rest of our children," Rosado said.