An old-fashioned pharmacy serving up tasty treats

August 11, 2010 3:11:33 PM PDT
Satisfy your sweet tooth craving in an unlikely place. Step back in time to a pharmacy that doesn't exactly serve medicine, instead it serves sweet treats.

Brooklyn Farmacy is housed in what was a pharmacy on 513 Henry Street in Carroll gardens, back in the day.

One of the main things the shop serves is egg creams, which despite their name, is a mixture of milk, seltzer, and chocolate syrup.

"It's a soda fountain. A working soda fountain and I hesitate to say old time because it's actually happening right now," said Peter Freeman, the owner of Brooklyn Farmacy.

The store opened this summer for egg creams, homemade sodas, sundaes, and Brooklyn-made treats. The store brings back a tradition popular in the last century.

Brooklyn Farmacy even contains a stash of old medicine bottles. The old apothecary drawers are now filled with candy. The floors are made of tile. You'll do well to avoid the old scale at the entrance after drinking down too many egg creams.

Consuming eggs creams and other nostalgia is tasty, a bit noisy from the slurping, and somewhat indescribable. The Brooklyn Farmacy is the perfect setting.

"It's a realization of a long term project when it's finally done and you're serving the sodas ?it's ahhh!" Freeman said.