Free with your check: Sweet and tasty treats

August 12, 2010 4:00:11 PM PDT
It's always nice to receive something for nothing and it's even sweeter after a nice meal. More restaurants are giving customers a sweet treat with their checks.

"What we found is that most people don't order dessert" said Danny Abrams, owner of the Mermaid Inn.

Consequentially, the Mermaid Inn, located in the East Village or on the Upper West Side, took desserts off the menu, but there's always something sweet at the end of the meal a free cup of pudding.

"We thought who doesn't love chocolate pudding," Abrams said.

There's also no dessert on the menu at Fatty Crab in the West Village or Upper West Side, but with the check come little mochi cakes.

These included desert are something diners look forward to.

Elegant restaurants, like GILT, located at the New York Palace Hotel, have always offered petit fours, but GILT's go above and beyond.

At Dell'Anima, in the West Village, dinner comes with free homemade toasted walnut caramels.

At Ditch Plains in the West Village, named after the surf spot in Montauk, salt water taffy pulls at childhood memories.

BLT Fish, near Union Square, offer even more childhood memories. You'll want to eat the free desserts as soon as possible, candy apple flavored cotton candy placed alongside petit fours.

If you prefer a less sugary desert, try Vareli, where you'll get a cheeseboard sendoff with your check.

In a business that can be tough at any time, a little extra can go a long way.

At Mermaid Inn the free pudding comes a fortune telling fish, two things to smile about when you're paying your bill.

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