Interlock devices for drunk drivers in NY

August 16, 2010 4:13:40 AM PDT
The state of New York's crackdown on drunk driving got even tougher Sunday.

From now on, anyone convicted of DWI will have to get an interlock device installed in their car requiring the driver to pass a breathalyzer test to start the engine.

The interlock ignition records each test and sends the results each month to the driver's probation officer.

It's part of Leandra's Law, which was named after 11-year-old Leandra Rosado, who was killed in a drunk driving accident last October.

Police say 248 Leandra's Law arrests have been made since December, when it became a felony to drive drunk with a child younger than 15 in the car.

The interlocks have to be installed for at least six months and up to three years for a misdemeanor and five years for a felony.