March against violence held in Coney Island

August 15, 2010 3:48:15 PM PDT
A march against violence was held in Coney Island on Sunday.

"One of my family members fell to this tragedy here," said the victim's brother, Charles Rogucki.

To Charles Rogucki, the anti-violence rally playing out in front of his family's apartment is very person.

Two months ago, his sister Victoria, a mother of 7, died.

She got caught in the crossfire and was shot twice in the head.

"This is the worst I've seen it, open these community centers, give these kids other things to do," Rogucki said.

That's one solution to what many fear is a rising wave of violence in Coney Island.

Sunday morning people on Mermaid Avenue were forced to wipe blood off of their cars, as they stepped over police crime tape left behind from a shooting just hours before the start of the march.

People gathered there to send a strong message.

They say they want to inundate people with their anti-violence campaign.

"We're really trying to change a level of consciousness in the community because it has to do with the mind set. They have resolved that this is the way to deal with conflict and while that is happening we're ducking for cover," said Mathylde Frontus, of the Coney Island Coalition Against Violence.

That is exactly what folks were forced to do once again last month at the O'Dwyer Garden Houses.

2-year-old Jayleen Jones couldn't get away while riding a bike, and was hit by a stray bullet.

She survived, but Lina Noel knows it could have been a lot worse, and thinks about the near miss as she played with her son Chance.

But at the same time, she remains hopeful as she sees this show of support.

"To change out world we have to start in our own community and to see all of these people come and be willing to stand up for what's wrong, it's a big encouragement, know its going to change," Noel said.