Body found inside burning car in Long Branch, NJ

August 18, 2010 5:47:41 PM PDT
For most of the day, police cars and crime scene tape marked the spot along Seaview Avenue where a burning car with a body in the trunk had been discovered by emergency crews around 4:00 Wednesday morning.

Freda Washington lives just yards away.

"When I got outside, the car was right there burned up real bad. You couldn't really tell what kind of car it was. It had burned down to a silver grayish color," she said.

So far, the Monmouth County prosecutor will only call this a suspicious death investigation.

His office has apparently identified the adult man found dead in the car, but won't release the name until relatives have been notified.

In the meantime, people who live in this Long Branch community are left to wonder and worry about their own safety.

"Kind of scared me a little bit. We do have a little 7 month old baby living with us and stuff, so it kind of scares us a little bit," Curtis Smith said.

"Yeah it concerns me. It's right here. It's at my house," Washington said.

The car was found a block away from where a 22-year-old man was fatally shot in June.