Hidden video camera found inside gym

August 19, 2010 2:49:22 PM PDT
A hidden video camera was found inside a fitness club in Wall Township, New Jersey.

"I'm shocked but I don't think we should be shocked."

Police say it happened here at the Atlantic Club in Manasquan, a well-known fitness club for the well-heeled.

On its website, The Atlantic Club advertises itself as a premiere fitness club. This member could not believe it.

"That is a very very well respected club and I'm very surprised to hear that."

Monday night Police say an iPhone, with the video camera in record mode was found on the floor of a bathroom at the club, leaned up next to the toe kick of a vanity -- much like this one -- and police say it was not easy to see.

"The iPhone was found on the floor by the toe kick pointed toward the toilet underneath the vanity", reported Tim Clayton, caption of the wall township police department.

Police say it is also illegal and not the smartest move, since it was not some non-descript video cam. It was an app on a phone, so within 5 seconds they knew whom they wanted to talk to.

What exactly was found on the phone? No details, but we turned one on in a conference room at EN to show you how the phone video works.

Police states, "our understanding was at the time it was still rolling."

It was an employee who found it turned it in and called police. We talked to two club workers horrified by what happened. They could not believe it was a coworker. The man police has arrested is Brian Shaw, a 24-year-old fitness instructor who lives here in Manasquan.

"That's disgusting to hear it's someone who works where you work", said Kent Ochse, an Atlantic Club employee.