Elderly man hit by stray bullet in Brooklyn

August 20, 2010 3:25:14 PM PDT
An 87-year-old man was shot in the leg by a stray bullet as he sat in his car with his wife.

Eyewitness News asked Judy Feliciano, "At some point, were you afraid that you were going to be shot too?"

"Oh, gosh, so fast, I was scared," Feliciano said.

Judy Feliciano says she is still scared, one day after a stray bullet missed her, but struck her 87-year-old husband Alberto.

It happened just as the couple went for a drive in their car on Flatbush Avenue Thursday afternoon.

Judy said that her husband barely had time to react, because the bullet flew through their car so quickly, and struck him in his leg.

"Until he saw the blood, he said 'oh wait I got shot', he was a bit shocked, I'm sure," Feliciano said.

Investigators say there was a group of young men near the scene.

One of the tried to get away on a bicycle that police later recovered and brushed the handlebar for fingerprints.

Police also canvassed the neighborhood on Friday around Flatbush Avenue and Winthrop Street.

"The kids run and say nothing, they ran away and that's all," Feliciano said.

Meanwhile, several community leaders are pleading with witnesses to come forward.

"We need to find this shooter, we need to make sure he turns himself in," said Rep. Yvette Clark, (D) Brooklyn.

"It's not up to anyone else but the people on this block, who shop in this store, that saw something, now it's time to say something," said State Senator Eric Adams, (D) Brooklyn.

The family of Alberto Feliciano is now spending their time visiting him in the hospital, and hoping the frail 87-year-old can recover quickly.

"It's just awful to know that an old man, he minds his own business, and all of a sudden he gets shot," said Maribel Buscarello, the victim's daughter.

Feliciano is in stable condition at Kings County Hospital.