Wine drinkers have better cognitive function

August 19, 2010 6:03:13 PM PDT
A note to all wine lovers: keep on drinking, as long as it's at a modest level.

A new Norwegian study found that people who drank a moderate amount of wine had better cognitive function than those who didn't drink at all.

Researchers followed more than 5000 Norwegian adults, with an average age of 58, over a seven-year period.

Those who drank at least four glasses of wine over a two-week period had lower risk of poor cognitive function than people who drank less than one glass during that same period of time.

Because most wine drinkers reported a low alcohol intake in the study, researchers were not able to define a maximum level for the positive effects of wine consumption.

However, the adults who never drank wine tended to have the highest risk of poor cognitive function.

Researchers also observed that wine drinkers may have better diets than beer and liquor drinkers, which may also contribute to better overall health.

The authors do not suggest the wine flow freely all the time, they stress moderation is key.