Mother loses second son in Central Islip shooting

August 20, 2010 2:39:35 PM PDT
A Central Islip woman has lost both of her sons to gunfire, 23 years apart.

Lucille Johnson tried to explain the harsh reality of life to her son Brian.

She learned the hard way 23 years ago, when her son Richard was gunned down a mile away from home.

Johnson asks relatives how two hardworking young men could suffer the same terrible fate.

"I said there are all these drunks, God needs to fill his kingdom with good people too," Johnson said.

Back in 1987, Richard Johnson had just returned home from the army when he was shot in the heart outside of a house party.

Years later, his killer was brought to justice.

Now, Suffolk homicide detectives are trying to solve his brother's murder.

Brian Hobbs was shot and killed early Thursday morning.

"He said help me help slumped over," Johnson said.

Johnson believes her son was lured out of the house and ambushed while walking with a friend on Juniper Street.

Police say he was shot in the arm, but the bullet traveled through to his side.

He ran and collapsed 300 feet away on Cherry Street.

Hobbs, who had a learning disability, worked at a Vitamin Store and was known to carry cash.

"So, I tried tell him, watch who your friends are, it's not like the old days, they'll cut your throat now," Johnson said.