Sharks or stingrays spotted at Rockaway Beach

August 21, 2010 3:16:04 PM PDT
A group of sharks or stingrays was spotted in the water at Rockaway Beach in Queens Saturday afternoon.

"Two fins together, going like this," a woman on the beach described to Eyewitness News.

That was what Eyewitness News also saw on Rockaway Beach Saturday afternoon.

You had to look very carefully, but all day, beachgoers were stopping and staring, and counting, until they lost count of the shark fins.

Some people say they counted as many as five or six sharks out in the water.

It was around 10 a.m. when lifeguards first started waving swimmers out of the water.

By midday, everyone was out, and authorities were flying overhead in Queens.

They were trying to determine what was actually in the water.

People on the beach say they have no doubt it was sharks.

By late afternoon, the sharks were still around, and park security was still keeping swimmers away.

"Its life, we know they live in the water, it's their water, but we don't like them close to us, at all," said shark watcher, Grace Graff.

The City Parks Department says they believe they were stingrays in the water and not sharks.