Coping with back to school anxiety

August 30, 2010 3:17:05 AM PDT
With the first week of school fast approaching, Allison Quinn is trying to alleviate some of the anxiety for her daughters Casey and Jessie.

Even getting last minute supplies can be stressful when you add that to juggling homework and extracurricular activities.

It can be overwhelming when a single day consists of all of those things.

12-year-old Casey says her biggest source of anxiety is finding out who her teachers are and how much homework they'll dole out.

"This year, since I have a teacher for every subject, I'm going to get homework for every subject," Casey Quinn said.

In fact, Port Washington has initiated an orientation program known as bagels and lockers.

Before school starts in the 7th grade, students come in and help the 6th graders acclimate as they enter into middle school.

It eliminates the fear of the unknown.

School officials say it's critical to reducing the stress associated with that kind of transition.

What's more, teachers and guidance counselors must be able to read students, who express anxiety in a number of ways.

Parents can help reduce the stress levels of their children by being prepared.

For example, buy supplies early, talk about what they can expect, meet the teacher, and talk with your children about their feelings and concerns.