MTA considers $130 monthly MetroCard


August 24, 2010 2:49:03 PM PDT
From $89 to $130 for an unlimited monthly MetroCard. That's a fare-hike possibility causing nightmares for straphangers.

"It's very frustrating because they want to keep on increasing the money, but then there's always problems with the subway, everyday," subway rider Angel Bencebi said.

While the idea of a 41-dollar increase was mentioned during an MTA board meeting last month, the published details didn't hit the agency website until this weekend.

"What is this world coming to? Everything is going high, high, high. That's all I'm saying to myself - high, high, high," Danny Alvarez said.

Right now the MTA's formal proposal for a monthly MetroCard calls for one of two options: $104 for a card with 'unlimited' rides or $99 for a card capped at 90 rides. However, if the agency offers both options to riders, then the unlimited card soars to $130.

"This is not an official MTA proposal. To ensure maximum flexibility for the Board in making its determination, and to encourage robust public discourse, the public notice of fare and toll adjustments provides some leeway to allow for the adoption of other alternative pricing combinations," the MTA explained in a statement.

"I am also disappointed they were thinking about capping it at 90 rides because a lot of times I go over that per month. I was hoping an unlimited would stay an unlimited," rider Eric Fithian said.

Finally, to encourage riders to keep refilling their metrocards, the agency is also proposing an increase for single-ride tickets from $2.25 to $2.50.