Back-to-school gadgets

August 30, 2010 3:16:24 AM PDT
With summer winding down, the Wakelands hit the streets for mother-daughter back-to-school shopping.

Sixth grade is fast approaching

"I'm excited because we're all going to be on computers and instead of writing. We'll be typing. It's going to be really exciting," Presley Wakeland said.

Her private school is giving each 6th grader a computer tablet. For students buying their own, tech experts say some new gadgets make life easier. HP's e-All-on-One printer has its own e-mail address allowing you print from anywhere

"So you, in your home, can send something to your college student and it will print in their dorm room. It has Wi-Fi so everyone in the suite can share this printer without having to be plugged into it physically," tech expert Andrea Smith said.

The Live Scribe Smart Pen from Echo Records your teacher's audio while you take notes.

"It also translates into Spanish," Smith said.

For students shopping for webcams, the Logitech HD C-510 is 60 dollars and quite compact.

"It swivels 360 degrees, so you can get a tour of the whole dorm room," Smith explained.

Students of all ages can use the paper-thin Microsoft Arc Keyboard.

"You can take it to the library. You can take it to wherever you're studying. It's completely portable and it's 60 dollars," Smith said.

Back-to-school shopping used to center on your pens, pencils and notebooks, but now there are other supplies you need.

"I already purchased a Dell notebook," college student Lizette Ortiz said. "I just purchased an i-Phone. The budget is at capacity!"

College-bound Ortiz says that tech budget was necessary.

"My boyfriend's mom says maybe we'll forget writing soon because we're typing," she said.