Where to find custom-made suits in NYC

August 26, 2010 3:05:08 PM PDT
Fine suits in department stores can run several hundred dollars and up. For about the same amount, sometimes a little more, you can get a suit that's actually cut and sewn for only your body. And for many, looking professional, particularly in this economy, is a good investment.

"The first thing we do is offer your shop on your schedule and the way you want to do it," Michael Andrews said.

And the bar is a big part of Andrews' shop in SoHo - a bespoke experience that is meant to feel luxurious, but is also about providing value.

Michael guides the client, right down to the detail of a button hole or hand stitching.

Measurements are done by hand, and production is done both New York and in China.

Custom suits prices start at 895 dollars and sales have doubled in just 18 months.

Michael believes it's because men will spend money for a suit that fits right, even in this economy.

He was so convinced that he quit practicing the law to do this.

"That was sort of the nexus of the business. I took tailoring classes and the rest is sort of history," he said.

There are a number of boutique bespoke businesses, like SEW in NoLita, which is several doors down from Lord Willy's.

In West SoHo, there's Miller's Oath.

Not far from Madison Square Park, you can find Alton Lane.

"We want you to feel like you're in your friend's apartment more than a retail store," Peyton Jenkins said.

So Jenkins and Colin Hunter also offer a fully stocked bar.

There's an old world feel with a very futuristic approach.

"What we have here is our third body scanner, which actually allows us to capture up to 400 measurements in 30 seconds," Hunter explained.

So a client steps in, gets down to boxers or briefs, and the white light technology builds an avatar, which gets sent to Asia where the suit is made.

"They're actually looking at your body image when they're cutting the fabric for your suit," Hunter said.

The custom-made suit can cost just under 500 dollars.


Michael Andrews Bespoke
2 Great Jones Alley
212 677 1755

Alton Lane
11 W 25th St., Floor 5
New York, NY 10010
(646) 896-1212

Miller's Oath
510 Greenwich Street
212 219 9965

229a Mott Street
121 686 1630

Lord Willy's
223 Mott Street
212 680 8888