Police search for susepect in Montclair break-ins

August 26, 2010 2:30:34 PM PDT
A creepy story from a bedroom community in New Jersey.

Several women, including teenage girls have been awaking in the middle of the night, to find a man lurking in their bedroom. When they saw him and confronted him, he bolted.

The incidents happened in the town of Montclair.

"I was awakened to a popping sound at my window fan," said Mecca White.

For 16-year-old White, it doesn't get much scarier. "He stood there for a second but I couldn't like really get everything together because I was so scared that I just ran away," she said.

She ran down the hall to her grandparents room. "She came in and jumped into bed with us and by the time we gathered ourselves, he was gone," said William Mitchell.

That was earlier this month, but Montclair police tell Eyewitness News, they have seen several break-in's or attempted break-ins since June.

Amirah Toler's teenage daughter was startled in the middle of the night as well.

"A person came in and touched her leg. She was kind of sleepy, but she heard thread ripping and realized it was her shorts," said Toler.

Not even two blocks away, fingerprint dusts marks the window where Lawanda Beckett says her neighbor caught a man in the act of breaking in. "Someone was trying to get in through the bathroom window. When she decided to go get her phone, he was like half way in. Absolutely scary," she said.

Police can't say right now if all of these events are connected, but they are giving this what they call special attention.

So far nothing has been taken and no one hurt.