Ambassador's daughter's death ruled accidental

August 29, 2010 5:27:00 AM PDT
Nicole John was just 17 years-old and an aspiring photographer. She plunged twenty-two stories off the ledge of a midtown high rise at 4:15 Friday morning.

Internet blogs provide a number of clues suggesting that 17-year-old Nicole John lived a troubled life.

"This young lady voiced despair. I think she was really, clinically depressed, as well as being addicted," said clinical psychologist, Patricia Saunders.

Nicole is the daughter of Eric John, the U.S. Ambassador to Thailand, and his Korean-born wife.

The teenager fell to her death from what police say was a drinking party, at the apartment of 25-year-old Ilan Nassimi.

Nassimi now faces criminal charges for serving alcohol to minors.

The party was organized at the trendy "Tenjune" nightclub.

The evening apparently followed a pattern.

One of Ms. John's blog passages read, "For future reference, xanax and vodka do not mix."

"Nobody was really there for her and she made note of that in her blog, about reaching out for help and people's hands withdrawing," Saunders said.

Further investigation has revealed nothing more than the fact that the victim's death was an unfortunate tragedy, which everyone wished had never happened.

The Medical Examiner's office said Saturday, "Nicole John died from blunt trauma due to injuries sustained from the fall. Her death has been ruled an accident."

The story may lead some parents to wonder how they can avoid living such a nightmare.

"Don't be afraid to intrude on your teenager's privacy. Ask them what they're doing. Ask them where they're going. Ask them who's there. Ask to meet these people. Don't be afraid to say no," Saunders said.

Nicole John's family has yet to comment.