Residents help police catch bank bandit

August 31, 2010 4:10:11 AM PDT
The Apple Bank at 45th and 13th Avenue in Borough Park was the center of some mayhem Monday afternoon.

Witnesses say a man barged into the bank, fired one shot and then demanded money.

The chaos spilled onto the street, with Eyewitness News cameras rolling on the ground and in the air.

NewsCopter 7 captured video of the massive manhunt just moments after the bank robbery.

On the video, you can see a man running from police. He runs from house to house, climbing fences, cutting through backyards and sprinting across decks.

But he can't get very far because people on the street are helping out the police by pointing out which direction he's going.

"I saw police running with guns out. Everybody told me just 'go inside, this is very dangerous,'" one witness said.

Councilman Dov Hikind applauded police for catching a suspect, and he also pointed out two more heroes.

The Shomrim, or the watchers of this neighborhood, who saw the man trying to get away by carjacking a Toyota.

"He got out of the car. We didn't know he had a gun at the time. We tackled him to the ground. He pulled out the gun and shot at everyone, so we let him go and he ran again," Yaki Daskai said.

But they say when he grabbed a woman on the street and put the gun to their head they had to do something.

So Mark Katz decided to improvise because he didn't have a gun.

"I took the radio and I pointed it at him," Katz said. "I said drop it or I'll shoot."

The man let the woman go.

Our cameras caught police handcuffing a man and putting him in the back of a police car.

Despite all the shooting, no one was hurt.

"We're all just grateful that everyone is alive and the bad guy is under arrest," Hikind said.