NYC's worst landlords watchlist

August 30, 2010 3:27:14 PM PDT
New York City's public advocate released a list of the city's worst 153 landlords.

From outside, the apartment building looks just fine.

But inside, it's awful.

There is mold in the shower.

The floor in one bathroom is about to give away.

That's not even the worse thing going on there.

"That's the pipe, and that's the feces water and the urine water," said tenant, Shaunsia Patterson.

Raw sewage sometimes runs in when the upstairs neighbor flushes his toilet.

Shaunsia Patterson rents the apartment.

"I am calm right now but there is rage inside of me because I don't see how these people can get away with this," Patterson said.

When it rains, the situation is even worse.

Shaunsia made a video of what it's often like.

"You can hear it, it sounds like rain. It's other people's water passing through my house. It's from another bathroom where the leaking is at," Patterson said.

"These landlords think they can get away with it. And we are here to say we are going to shine a light on them, we are going to make it difficult for them to keep getting away with it," said NYC Public Advocate, Bill DeBlasio.

Because there are so many complaints, the public advocate is hoping to expose bad landlords.

Monday, he unveiled a list of the worst 153 landlords in the city.

The idea is to shame them into action.

"If they are hurting their tenants the whole world will see it on this website," DeBlasio said.

Eyewitness News was unable to reach the owner of the building.

Another landlord on the list said his building looks so bad because it's old and another landlord said the Public Advocate is confused; he doesn't know why his name is even on the list of the city's worst landlords.

The public advocate says if he's wrong or repairs are made, the list will change.

His work may already be making a difference.

Monday city inspectors showed up at Shaunsia's apartment, which is perhaps a first step after two years of many sleepless nights.

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