Long Island escapes worst of Hurricane Earl

September 4, 2010 4:30:19 PM PDT
Beach erosion and flooding were the big worries on Long Island, along with dangerous rip currents at the beach.

Saturday morning, the sun came up and life went on.

Montauk remained on the map.

"I'm just pretty thankful that we still have Montauk here," Joe Bloecker, East Hampton Town Trustee said.

Town trustee, Joe Bloecker, says it was sheer luck Hurricane Earl swirled his way safely out to sea.

Meaning all the parking restrictions, the boarded up windows, the Red Cross Shelter, in the end, it was really more like a drill all for naught.

"Could you imagine if this storm had made a left and come right, if you're not prepared people will die," Bloecker said.

Instead, thankfully, it skimmed right by.

Now, locals are looking forward to a Labor Day weekend of perfect beach weather, and even better surfing conditions.

No sooner did daylight break, surfers were breaking out their boards.

Back in the village, aside from some minor flooding in spots where water always pools, the business of tourism got up off the mat.

Merchants hoped that visitors, who fled the storm, will return for the long holiday weekend.

"I love it I love it the weekend just started, it's just phenomenal. I'm going to stay here for the weekend and enjoy it," said Alex Khandji, a Rye resident.

As the rip tides slowly subside, town leaders expect to reopen the beaches to swimmers as soon as Sunday.

So by the time the weekend is over, it could be like the storm never even happened.