Report: Worst speed traps in Mahwah

September 6, 2010 3:22:30 PM PDT
A new report cites Mahwah, New Jersey as the worst area for speed traps in the state.

Eyewitness News sat along MacArthur Boulevard, where there's a warning online, that this is a favorite spot for police to easily catch speeders, barreling down the hill.

Drivers go to, and write up what they consider are on-going speed-traps.

The NJ National Motorist Association apparently believes the Mahwah area is the worst in the state, and comments on the website agree.

Most of the trouble spots, at least in the eyes of the drivers who complained on the website, are along Route 17.

Eyewitness news spoke to some drivers who are not surprised at those results.

"It still doesn't keep people from slowing down, but I would definitely agree with that," said one motorist.

One young driver Eyewitness News interviewed had just gotten a ticket.

"So then he pulled me over a half mile up the road and told me I was going 91 in a 55 and that I ran a stop sign, but I didn't think I was going 91 in a 55 and I know I stopped!" said the young driver.

"The police are there to protect and serve, and in the holiday season, we all have to be careful," said another motorist.

All the drivers Eyewitness News spoke to agree that it's all about getting home safe and not hurting anyone else on the way.

Even the young driver who was ticketed conceded.

"So, don't you think you deserved that ticket?" Eyewitness News asked.

"Yeah, but he could have given me a break because I'm a nice kid," the driver said.