NYC releases You The Man app

The News Leader

September 8, 2010 11:10:55 AM PDT
New York City has launched a new app to help curb drunk driving.

The "You the Man" iPhone app provides users with safe choices for getting home after a night on the town.

The app's find-a-ride feature uses the iPhone's GPS to identify the closest Taxi and Limousine Commission-registered car services no matter where users are in the five boroughs, making it particularly useful in areas where taxis can be hard to find late at night.

The app also locates the nearest subway stations to help plot a safe route home from any bar, restaurant or party citywide.

"You the Man" is DOT's first-ever iPhone app.

It is available for free in the iTunes store and works within the five boroughs. The app also features games, including a "spin the bottle" designated driver selector game and a blood alcohol calculator, intended to raise awareness of the effects of even a few drinks on a person's ability to drive.

The find-a-ride feature and other information are also available at

As part of the ongoing "You the Man" campaign, DOT will be conducting anti-DWI outreach at 12 colleges over the next month to educate students about the dangers of drunk driving and encourage them to take advantage of this free app.

If the app proves popular, DOT will explore creating a version for Android phones as well.