Rabies confirmed in coyote killed in Rye Brook

September 9, 2010 3:40:15 AM PDT
A coyote killed by police in Rye Brook on Monday was rabid, health officials have confirmed.

The Westchester County Health Department said Wednesday it was the first confirmation of rabies in a coyote in the county.

The coyote, described as ragged and sickly, attacked a toddler and her father in Rye Brook on Sunday night. Both were treated at Greenwich Hospital. A Rye Brook teenager who also had contact with the coyote was also treated.

When administered early enough and before symptoms develop, rabies treatment is 100 percent effective. Once symptoms occur, in humans or animals, the disease is fatal.

If you or your pet came into contact with this coyote, you are urged to contact the Westchester County Department of Health immediately at (914) 813-5000 to assess the need for rabies treatment. Anyone bitten by a rabid animal or who has contact with its saliva will need to receive immediate rabies vaccination.

For more information about rabies and its prevention, residents can call the Rabies Infoline at (914) 813-5010 or visit the Health Department's website at www.westchestergov.com/health.