Slow recovery from last week's tornadoes

December 15, 2010 10:44:29 AM PST
The twisters from last week are lingering in their impact into this week. Some folks in Queens were still unable to get around the fallen trees blocking their streets when they awoke today. "Nobody came! This is horrible that they left us like this," homeowner Lisa Jones said.

Six trees fell on Dry Harbor Road. There are cables down, tree trunks, a crushed car, no one has phone, cable or internet and the gripe is -- why is all this still here four days later?

"Elizabeth Crowley was here and said this was all going to be taken care of and we haven't seen her since and nothing has happened since Thursday night," Arlene Milon said.

"Just fingerpointing -- no one wants to take accountability," Franz Kampfer said.

It seems the only people coming out here were looters after copper.

"They were taking the cables, cutting them, rolling them up and tying bundles with police tape," Kampfer said.

Moments after we drove up, trucks and chainsaws also arrived.

"That's the first time right now that something is happening," Kamfer said.

All weekend neighbors were pitching in to clear the sidewalk, getting branches off rooftops and just getting by was tough.

"Nothing was cleared! We had to do it all ourselves!!! The men were doing it all with their own chainsaws," one resident said.

"They wouldn't let us in with our groceries and we were like we live here," Andrew Anastasio said.

"No TV, internet access and it's very frustrating," said another resident.

Family members need to get around, but it's not easy to navigate with a walker or cane or without a driveway to park.

"We're kinda frustrated that we're the lost block of Dry Harbor Road," said one resident.

Lost, but finally found.