Strict dog policy enforced at UWS building

September 21, 2010 3:27:47 PM PDT
Residents of one Upper West Side apartment building are speaking out against some new policies for dog owners that they call ridiculous.

"That's why we moved here. It's a half of a block from the park," said Jennifer Cherney, a One Lincoln Plaza resident.

It's just a short walk to and from the park for Jennifer Cherney and her rescue dog Cody.

They live between Broadway and Central Park West at One Lincoln Plaza on West 64th.

It's where a new draft of a pet policy started circulating a few days ago, setting off a canine controversy.

"I threw it out because it is so ridiculous," Cherney said.

It is perhaps ridiculous, but potentially costly.

A third offense of any of these new rules could carry a $250 fine.

Here's a few of the rules:

- Pit bulls, Doberman Pinschers, and Rottweilers would be banned. Existing dogs are grandfathered in.

- Dogs can't be left alone in the apartment for more than nine hours.

- If so, the management company can remove the dog.

- More enforcement of the no pets in passenger elevators policy

"I don't know, what could they say next, a certain age group can't live in this building? One can't have a child? I mean, where does it end, the rules?" said resident, Miriam Lifschitz-Daube.

Some pet owners say it's hard to use the service elevator, because it's constantly being used for moves, deliveries, and garbage removal.

"Every now and then, a couple of us, if we can, just try to jump in the elevator quickly, and sneak our way out," said resident, Jillian Ahearn.

Michelle Bodner is the only board member who owns a dog.

The policy upsets her too.

"We're voting on this tonight. I'm really confident there will be a reasonable resolution to this," Bodner said.

Pet owners sure hope so too.

"Why make such a definitive rule against an entire building? I think things should be done on an individual basis," Lifschitz-Daube said.