Report: New York City has horrible roads

September 22, 2010 3:31:14 PM PDT
53% of roads in the New York metropolitan area are in poor condition stated a just released report that examined roadways in cities across the country.

Drivers responded this way: "Tell me something I don't know."

"53%? I would agree with that. No that's not too good," said one driver.

Another driver asked Eyewitness News to listen to the rattle of their car which was damaged from a pot hole.

Researchers also determined the area's poor road conditions cost drivers, on average, $640 each year in additional vehicle repairs.

The co-owner of an Elmhurst auto repair shop says the cost is often much higher.

"If you have a car with low profile wheels, that's going take the hit and then dramatically radiate through the suspension system. It could be double, triple that," said Rick Metzger, of AMEF Auto Repairs.

Researchers estimate overall vehicle travel has increased by nearly 40% in the last 20 years, while the funding to maintain and repair roads has fallen far behind.

"We certainly have not made the level of investment in our existing transportation infrastructure, which is the only infrastructure we are going to have because New York is fully built, so there will be no new road system," said Denise Richardson, of the General Contractors Association of NY.

Perhaps the biggest surprise in this report was this: The NY metro area ranked 7th when it came to poor road conditions.

Hard to believe six other areas, four of them in California, are even worse.