Unidentified woman killed in freak accident in NJ

September 24, 2010 4:22:20 AM PDT
An unfortunate series of events unfolded in the Town of Irvington, New Jersey, Thursday, leaving a woman dead.

The freak accident sparked a deadly domino effect that ended with a light pole crashing onto the unidentified woman's head as she walked by.

The witnesses Eyewitness News spoke with remember what the victim was wearing.

"It was a white hat, she had jeans, flats," the witness said.

They remember it in part because what happened will be etched in their memories for a long time.

The elderly woman was in the wrong place at the wrong time when a box truck drifted through an intersection and into the light pole.

The truck was at the intersection of New Street and Springfield Avenue when it somehow started rolling.

It entered the intersection, hit a car, veered off that car and then hit the pole, which fell over and hit the woman, who was on the sidewalk.

"She was standing at the bus stop waiting for the bus, like a little further, and then the pole just hit, boom, and it was over," a witness described.

The victim died lying on the sidewalk.

Police say she didn't have anything on her that could identify who she was.

"It was terrible," local store manager Jay Lee said.

Lee says he has seen the woman in the area before.

"She was one of my customers for like 20 years," Lee said.

He didn't know her name either, and her identity remains a mystery.