Search for suspect who beat woman with hammer

September 29, 2010 3:41:52 AM PDT
The search is on for the man who attacked a woman with a hammer on Long Island.

But police now believe that wasn't his only crime.

Authorities say DNA has linked him to another brutal crime involving a 2-year-old girl.

Police say video shows a dangerous violent predator responsible for not one, but two unthinkable crimes.

Police say the day laborer known as "Marvin" was caught on surveillance video at Home Depot preying on a 52-year-old woman.

The victim went to the store in Hempstead to fix a leaky toilet and was approached by the worker.

"She gets there. And he says do you need help and she says yes, she needed a leak fixed," said Det. Lt. Ray Cote, with the Suffolk County Police.

The woman brought the man back to her home in Hempstead. He did the repairs and when she complained the toilet wasn't fixed, the worker snapped, according to police.

"She's upset, she says what's up, and the suspect inexplicably beats her with a hammer," Cote said. "It's a gruesome scene."

The victim was left for dead. But crime scene detectives pouring over the bloody scene recovered the suspects DNA and found a match.

The investigation that started in Hempstead led cops to a brutal assault in Lorado, Texas. It happened in September of 2009.

In that crime, police say a 2-year-old was sexually assaulted and left for dead.

Police say Marvin could still be in the Hempstead area. He's 5-foot-2 has a thin build with dark short hair. He walks with a limp and has an injury to his left hand.