Fallout between near brawl between Paladino and journalist

September 30, 2010 3:24:04 PM PDT
Good or bad, last night's big brawl near Lake George has once again generated Carl Paladino a ton of publicity.

Paladino's angry his personal life has received so much scrutinym but Andrew Cuomo's really hasn't.

So last night he claimed Cuomo had an affair while married.

Paladino's also livid at the New York post accusing them of trying to take photos of his 10 year-old daughter, born out-of-wedlock. He says the paper favors Cuomo.

In the video Paladino is seen threatening the reporter saying he was going to "take him out" if he continued "stalking" his daughter.

It's probably not a good idea for a politician to threaten a reporter, but in this election year it might help.

"He may display the fact that he has the courage to stand up, fight back and he's not going to take guff from anybody," said Mike Long, Conservative Party Chairman.

Long's Conservative Party nominated Paladino yesterday. A few hours later the fight, but Long says maybe in this year of the tea party, and so much voter anger, that maybe some voters might like all this.

"Well he certainly has a different demeanor than most people who run for office and you know his demeanor might be the right demeanor at this time in history," adds Long.

But other voters may think last night's scuffle just reinforces Paladino's image as nutty.

Paladino is not making any apologies.

A new poll out this afternoon gives Cuomo a 15 point lead over Paladino. But that poll was taken before last night's altercation upstate.