Rockland County prepares for strong storm

December 15, 2010 10:44:05 AM PST
Residents in Rockland County are preparing for the worst after a severe storm left lots of damage weeks ago.

The problem when it rains in Nyack, Rockland County, is that water comes rolling down main street and it finds it's way to the shopping center which sits on lower ground.

The building's owner and store owners are hoping an army of sandbags will be enough to keep it at bay.

What they're trying to avoid is waist deep flooding.

Last month restaurant owner Laurie Brown and her customers got quite the scare.

"All of a sudden one of the firemen came in and said evacuate the restaurant! I was like excuse me. He said downstairs is flooding evacuate the building immediately," she said.

The stores on the lower level of the building were surrounded by three feet of water.

Main Street was closed for hours while firefighters and DPW workers went to work.

"The water was running down the hill so fast. This was all flooding. It broke through the windows," said Garrick Harris.

In nearby Congers a tree slammed into a Lackwood drive home.

Utility workers shut off the electricity and gas.

Those inside the waterfront home say the sound of the tree crashing down startled them.

"I was sleeping. I heard this huge bang. I thought a car ran into the house i went out and saw this big tree on the house," said Thomas Emmet.

Some in Congers is staying with friends tonight.

In Nyack they're still cleaning up the mess from the last storm.

The carpet was stripped from the stores and trucks hauled away damaged and waterlogged items.

This time they have sandbags but some here say it can't stand up against Mother Nature.