It's all in the cards

October 6, 2010 3:02:04 PM PDT
John de Alto had a waitress deliver a note to Rachel. They're married now and in business together with a company called Flip Me.

Instead of a note on a placemat, you hand out a Flip Me card to someone who attracts you.

It's a way of flirting with a buffer.

On the card there's a link to the Flip Me website where the recipient can follow up if interested.

For $25, you get 30 cards and a 3 month subscription to the website.

A similar service created by Lori Cheek is Cheek'd.

Her dating cards come 50 to a deck with some racy and flirty comments like "Your move" or "My dog likes your dog."

If the person's interested, they can use a code to learn a little more about you and to connect.

It's like a modern day calling card. The deck costs $25 with one month of online service free.

You can learn more about both services on their websites: