30 New Yorkers painted in 30 days

October 11, 2010 3:03:50 PM PDT
A unique art exhibit features 30 New Yorkers painted in just 30 days. The artist finished the last painting last week.

It's been a long month for Vincent Fantauzzo.

He has featured a kid, a boxer, a tattoo artist and a lot more. He just painted Justin Theroux, the screenwriter of Iron Man 2.

It was a great way for a new comer to meet people, and that's exactly what the Australian did during a six week artist residency in Hong Kong three years ago.

"I learned so much about Hong Kong and made so many friends, I wanted to come here and do the same thing," said Fantauzzo.

This go round, he's found some of his subjects on the streets and he snaps away. He always works from photographs and many of his paintings even look like photos...

And it is in part why the National Arts Club is debuting Vincent's work.

The club's president also happens to be among Vincent's subjects.

LINK: www.vincentfantauzzo.com

LIVE VIDEO: www.acehotel.com/newyork