New headache for some 2nd Avenue residents

October 8, 2010 2:41:43 PM PDT
The Second Avenue Subway project has certainly caused its share of inconveniences, but the folks at the George Washington houses are boiling mad after a gas line was cut.

Adah Carrion and other tenants were given hot plates to use since their stoves no longer work.

"It clicks when you turn it on. How do you cook a meal on this? You're going to have to make one meal and put it aside, make another, because this is what we have to deal with," Carrion said.

She and other tenants say they were told a contractor working on the subway project mistakenly cut the gas line to 109 apartments on Tuesday.

"Out in the street and inside the building, it smelled like gas," Carolyn Cobb said.

Since then, they were given the two burner electric hot plates as officials dished up the bad news about when the problem would be fixed.

"Their estimate - anywhere from two to three months," Carrion said.

"It's transit's fault and transit should provide something better for them," Marietta Palmer, president of the tenant association, said.

While calling the mistake inexcusable, the MTA says the contractor "...will provide assistance to families impacted by the error." They say they are working with the city to restore service as soon as possible.

After making a grilled cheese sandwich for dinner, Adah Carrion has written off Thanksgiving with her family.

"Our plans are shot. I can't even cook him his favorite meal because I have no stove," she said.

So for Adah and the other tenants, the next several months will mean grilled cheese sandwiches on a hot plate.