Yonkers church holds goodbye bake sale

October 8, 2010 2:24:51 PM PDT
An aging building needing repairs, a shrinking congregation, and increasing neighborhood crime, all conspired against an historic church in Yonkers.

St. Nicholas Church is closing its doors after 188 years and moving north to White Plains.

Friday they held a goodbye bake sale.

They've come with heavy hearts to say goodbye.

Parishioners say they have a deep sadness leaving a place which has provided happy memories for over a century.

St. Nicholas of Myra has stood on Ash Street in Yonkers since 1892.

Generations of parishioners of Eastern European descent have gathered at the church to celebrate Byzantine Rite Catholic Mass and to share a sense of community.

Friday the church and adjoining auditorium were being sold.

30 years ago the congregation built another church in White Plains which is where the parish will now be based.

Over the years, the number of worshippers in Yonkers has dwindled.

Each year St. Nicholas sells Eastern European breads and pastries filled with apricot, prune or poppy seeds.

They'll continue that tradition in White Plains, but likely not in time for Christmas.

Friday, they held one final bake sale to give parishioners a chance to stock up and get one last look.

They hope their memories will help them keep the faith at the close of this long chapter.