Hail of a storm in New York area

October 12, 2010 4:02:56 AM PDT
The evidence has melted but last night's powerful storms dumped an onslaught of hail across the New York area.

Eyewitness News cameras captured the light-show, while trained on the empire state building and other skyscrapers.

The hail caused a big mess on the ground.

A giant tree was brought down in Park Slope, Brooklyn as a result of the storm. There was also heavy flooding in the area.

Some reports hail the size of quarters was falling.

"I actually got hit in the head a couple of times with ice, I thought one of my friends was playing with rocks," said DaQuan Gardner.

There was also intense thunder and lightning. Police say one man was struck in Lake Ronkonoma. Rescuers took him to the hospital, but there's no word on his condition.

The violent weather did not stop Monday Night Football at the Meadowlands, but the storm did force fans into the concourse to take cover, and delayed the game by about 30 minutes.

Crews continue their cleanup Tuesday.

Most of the storm had moved out of the area by midnight. Light rain continued into the morning Tuesday, with clearing expected by the afternoon.