EMT in custody after asthma death

October 12, 2010 3:08:15 PM PDT
An EMT who did nothing while a pregnant woman died inside a Downtown Brooklyn restaurant last year surrendered earlier Tuesday.

Criminal charges were filed Tuesday against a New York City EMT who allegedly refused to come off of her coffee break to help a pregnant woman in medical distress who later died.

It's a case that has sparked outrage.

The woman died after an asthma attack at a coffee shop, while witnesses say two trained emergency services technicians refused to help.

The victim's family says despite the new charges, they fear they still won't get justice.

"Emptiness, just angry all of the time," said the victim's mother, Cynthia Rennix.

All of that anger is directed at 23-year-old Melissa Jackson.

The New York City EMT surrendered to the Brooklyn District Tuesday on charges of official misconduct.

But, Cynthia Rennix calls it something else.

"To me, they act very inhuman because they were going about their own business," Rennix said.

Jackson and fellow EMT Jason Green were on a coffee break last December, when 25-year-old Eutisha Rennix was having a severe asthma attack and asked for help.

The two civil servants are accused of not rendering aid.

"The EMT's had a duty to provide medical care in this emergency situation," said Sanford Rubinstein, a family civil attorney.

Rennix was six months pregnant with a daughter she planned to name Janiyah Renee.

They both died.

"I was hoping that one of them would have survived, if they had gotten the help that they needed, one of them would have survived, or both of them would have survived," Rennix said.

The second EMT, Jason Green, was killed in an unrelated shooting outside a SoHo nightclub in July.

"I'm just sorry that he died. I would feel more comfortable, or more justice if he were here to serve his time," Rennix said.

She said it's painful to explain to her grandson why his mother can't be with him.

"Can I go to Florida to see her? I explain to him, your mommy's not in Florida, she's in heaven with the angels right. He kept saying she's dead, my mommy's dead. But he doesn't have the true meaning of dead. Because he's asking for her," Rennix said.