New high tech ways to buy wine

October 12, 2010 3:01:21 PM PDT
There are some new high tech ways to buy and find your favorite wines.

"This is our wine list, our electronic wine list," Marisa May of SD26 said.

It's an electronic wine list that appears on an iPad.

"It's very user friendly, more so than a 90 page wine list," May said.

It is easy to navigate, Marisa May showed Eyewitness News how you can choose by type, varietal, region, price. In addition, there is information about the wine maker. You can become a virtual oenophile and select a great wine from SD26's cellar.

"It's a wine course in just a few minutes," May said.

How about becoming a wine expert before you even get to the restaurant? is a website that offers reviews and notes on the wine lists from 150 New York restaurants.

"Every list has a summary - background on the wine," Talia Biaocchi, of Winechap said.

Therefore, you will know what to look for on those pages. Like when you are dining at L'artusi, opt for the wines of northern Italy. Now let us say you really love the wine you have chosen, Philip James of says take a photo.

If you take that photo with your iPhone, the app can identify the wine just from the image of the label. It will provide you with reviews and a map of where you can buy that very same wine, and for the best price.

There are 25 thousand wines sold in the US every year. Just having that information resource that you can go to just to look up a wine; it makes it so much easier.

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