Low prices, good time to buy LCD-TV's

October 13, 2010 8:29:41 PM PDT
Analysts say prices are lower than ever, making it a good time to buy that LCD-TV you have had your eye on.

If there was ever a time for Julie Elsayed to grab a good deal on an LCD-TV, she figures it is now.

"The first thing I look at is the price. Anything I can get for lower is much better," Elsayed said.

Since this time last year, prices of LCD's have been declining.

An analyst with displaysearch.com predicts they will be as much as 8% lower by the holidays.

"There is such a wide variety of prices and sizes, we carry over 250 TVs," said Marty Singer, a corporate sales manager for J&R Electronics.

Singer walked Eyewitness News through what is becoming a price bonanza for shoppers of LCD TVs.

"The price is very, very low, that is why I came to get it," said Antionio Nurse, a shopper.

"There is somewhat of a glut of TVs in the market or are coming onto the market. And we're starting to see the prices drop," Singer said.

For example, the price for a 32 inch model starts at around $350. For a 40 inch it's about $500. A 55 inch starts at around $1,500 and for a whopping 65 inch, it's about $4,000.

With the lower prices some shoppers are finding out that instead of looking at a 40 inch TV, they can now afford the larger 60 inch TV.

"Yeah, I want a bigger TV. Right now I have a 32. I would like something bigger," Elsayed said.

Len Arcuri said he just doesn't want to put any more money into his older model.

"The LCD's especially, you can see they've come down in price. That's definitely a factor with the decision, but at the end of the day I want something to last a few years," Arcuri said.

"People have said I've waited and waited and now is the time to buy," Singer said.