Police search for son of murdered S.I. couple

October 14, 2010 3:30:03 PM PDT
A Staten Island couple was killed in their home, and the ensuing search for their troubled son led police to his car, parked at Newark Airport.

The victims, 61-year-old Arthur Bellucci and 56-year-old Marian Bellucci, were found in their home on Poillon Avenue by their daughter just after 8 p.m. Wednesday night.

Crime scene investigators carried bags of evidence out of the house on Thursday. Authorities say it was a blood bath.

The family lived in the house over two decades, according to neighbors.

The couple's daughter, Venessa, came to the house and saw blood in the foyer before calling police. She was too terrified to go into the house. Neighbors said she had moved out because she was threatened by her brother, who was mentally ill.

A massive search was launched for the victims' 30-year-old son, and police quickly found his 2007 silver Honda Ridgeline parked at Newark Airport.

Investigators say the son, Eric Bellucci, boarded a flight to Israel on Wednesday afternoon. He is believed to have gone to Tel Aviv.

After finding the dead bodies, police went to check on the well being of other relatives, including several living in the West Village.

The son was described as troubled man who had been hospitalized in the past for mental illness, authorities said.

Bullucci was once a star athlete and academic all-star, but his life spiraled downhill, they said.

He was also a gun collector, who had at least three shotguns and a rifle in his parents' house, where he frequently stayed.

Police were called to the house at least once last month.