NY paper wins suit against Yonkers mayor

October 14, 2010 2:26:20 PM PDT
Sam Zherka owns a restaurant, some real estate and a Manhattan strip club.

The 42-year old also publishes the Westchester Guardian, which is a free weekly newspaper that is also a thorn in the side of elected officials.

In 2007 the guardian ran a front page story calling Phil Amicone of Yonkers the dumber of two Westchester mayors.

Shortly after that the city confiscated 56 newspaper boxes claiming they impeded foot traffic.

Zherka sued and now a jury in federal court has awarded him 8-million dollars in damages.

In late 2007 another Guardian article alleged Amicone visited the Zherka's VIP Lounge, got a lap dance from a stripper named Sassy and left without paying her.

The mayor countersued for defamation of character, but the jury dismissed that claim.

Amicone's spokesman, David Simpson, says the mayor is disappointed with the verdict. He says Amicone has never been to a strip club.

Amicone is huddling with his legal department to try to figure out the next move. While the city fights the judgment, Zherka has doubled the number of newspaper boxes, has another lawsuit pending and is offering a reward to find Sassy, who hasn't been seen in three years. He wants her to tell her side of the story.