Rocks raining down from train track trestle

October 18, 2010 8:20:49 PM PDT
It's been raining rocks in one Astoria neighborhood situated under a train track trestle.

Loretta Csikortos has become a rock collector, by default.

"This is from one day," Loretta said as she held up a handful of rocks.

Everyday, she finds her beautiful new deck littered with these rocks, which she says, come shooting off of the Amtrak rails above her home in Astoria.

They are like missiles, that not only make her backyard unusable, but downright dangerous.

"If one of those rocks hits you on the head, I think you'll die," Csikortos said.

Residents say that every time a train passes, the skies open up.

However, they complain that it has been hailing rocks especially heavily the last few months, perhaps because of work crews above.

"Amtrak is so unresponsive that someone is going to get hurt or killed because of this," Assemblyman Michael Gianaris said.

The assemblyman says there are simple, yet effective things that Amtrak could do to protect fearful residents below.

"Notify people if there is work being done, take some common sense safety measures and put netting underneath the tracks if they are doing some kind of work, something," Gianaris said.

Walking up and down the streets it's not hard to find cars that have been victimized by falling debris.

Eyewitness News was told that one back window of a truck was smashed when the owner lifted the back door and a rock fell onto the glass.

"When a train comes, I go in for cover," Csikortos said.