Achieving all natural beauty

October 19, 2010 3:01:39 PM PDT
In the never ending quest for youth, or at least looking youthful, here's something of a primer on what to look for, and what to avoid, when you buy all natural beauty products.

Just because a label says its all natural, doesn't mean it is.

"Really the key is you've got to read the label," said Stacey Rosen, of At Last Naturals.

When it comes to all natural health and beauty products for women, Stacey Rosen knows how to separate the good stuff from the bad.

Her words of wisdom are based on decades of experience.

At Bentley Laboratories, she works closely with her team; developing, testing and manufacturing her own line called "At Last Naturals".

She learned from her father, a pharmacist, who started the company in the late 1960's.

One thing that has stood the test of time is still a main ingredient in her products, wild yam, known as the woman's herb.

"Each month you either are here or here, and what we try to do with our products is keep you balanced and keep the month more even for you," Rosen said.

Stacey navigated the sea of goodies at "The Vitamin Shoppe", looking for all natural products.

She says keep an eye out for Shea butter, aloe, oatmeal, and any other plant based ingredients.

But, be careful where they are listed on the label.

The first item is always the one you get the most of.

"You don't want label enhancers, those are ingredients that are added, they're fillers if you will," Rosen said.

A big red flag she says are phthalates.

"Those are really used in plastic to bind fragrances with the cosmetic product," Rosen said.

If you want a scent, look for essential oils.

Another no-no, are products that contain sulfates.

Even without them, you will get clean.

"What sulfates do is provide the foam and lather you get when you use shampoo or a foaming wash, but that ingredient is a chemical," Rosen said.

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