Multilated animals in Prospect Park concerns residents

October 20, 2010 2:44:14 PM PDT
Another disturbing discovery in Prospect Park that has become an all too common occurrence - animal remains found stuffed in a plastic bag. The dismembered animals, including mutilated chickens, have been popping up throughout the park over the past several months.

Alex Gurevich made the most recent discovery over the weekend. He says it caught his eye immediately. It was a plastic trash bag brimming with the bloody carcass of a dismembered animal.

"It was quite disturbing," Gurevich said.

Alex called the local newspaper and shrugged his shoulders.

But days later, he found another bag. This one was oozing with entrails. He snapped a picture with his Blackberry, but admitted the image doesn't really do it justice.

Alex and his neighbors are convinced that something's going on in Prospect Park.

Over the past several months, people have discovered the heads of mutilated chickens bobbing in the lake and along the shoreline as well as a variety of dead mammals.

"Dead animals are expected in a healthy population," Glenn Phillips, of the NYC Audubon Society, said.

Phillips said finding dead animals is not unusual in city parks. Mutilated animals, he says, are rare but not unheard-of.

Still, it's left residents like Alex demanding answers.