Search for the truth

October 20, 2010 2:07:01 PM PDT
They're still awaiting toxicology reports on Danroy Henry, the Pace University football player who was shot and killed by police outside a bar/restaurant in Westchester County.

It will be fascinating to find out whether Mr. Henry - whose friends and family claim he was not involved in the fracas that drew police attention and presence ? was under the influence or cold sober.

Police say Henry was using his car as a weapon - and ran down an officer, who ended up on the hood of the car, and firing shots through the front window. Did he pull out his gun while being "dragged" on the hood? That would be the implication of the police version of events.

If he didn't pull out his gun while on the hood, it would mean that his gun was already pulled before he ended up on the hood. For a cop to draw his gun, he's supposed to feel threatened; there are no reports of people with weapons or using their cars as weapons prior to the police version that Mr. Henry used his.

Now, an eyewitness has sent us an email insisting that "the cop was not dragged? try being on the hood of a car and attempt to grab your phone out of your pocket without falling off a car while moving at let's say 15 miles per hour and see what happens. It's impossible, and that's all I am saying."

The truth is - we don't know the truth. There are official investigations, and there are emotional questions by the family and friends of Mr. Henry. And until all the evidence is in, the questions will remain, and perhaps haunt. And this will remain an emotional, charged story.

We'll have the latest on the case, tonight at 11, including the involvement tonight of U.S. Sen. Scott Brown from Massachusetts, where Mr. Henry family lives.

We'll also have the latest on that Graco stroller recall - about 2 million strollers. At least four infants have died when there were caught between the tray/bar and the seat. And what a fascinating conundrum emerging from all this. The Consumer Product Safety Commission puts out the advisory about the recall hours ahead of the announcement, and labels it "embargoed." It apparently gives the manufacturer time to get ready for the rush of consumer questions about the recall. But should the media honor that embargo, if we're talking about a product that has reportedly killed people - in this case, babies? What if a baby had been killed in the "embargoed" period? Would we bear some responsibility because we didn't get the word out, even though we were told of the problem? I'm just sayin'.

Also at 11, we're at Yankee Stadium for Game 5 in the American League Championship Series, with the Yankees trailing the Rangers 3 games to 1. That means the Yankees have to win 3 straight games to win the Pennant and make it to the World Series. It also means the Yanks can't lose without spelling the end to their season. Scott Clark leads our coverage tonight.

And a disturbing Eyewitness News investigation into a possible cover up by a hospital in Queens that one family says left them in the dark about how their loved one died.

They claim it's a secret that would have remained unknown to them if not for one doctor's courage - a doctor who came forward.

Our investigative reporter Jim Hoffer has his exclusive report, at 11.

We'll also have any breaking news of the night, plus Meteorologist Lee Goldberg with his AccuWeather forecast. I hope you can join Liz Cho and me, tonight at 11.


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