A Brooklyn tailor shop presents exclusive suits

October 21, 2010 3:01:43 PM PDT
It is a rip-roaring look at the 1920's in the new hit series Boardwalk Empire. A big part of what takes you back in time is the costumes, smooth suits.

"We've got a product the fellas gotta have," said Jay Greenfield, co-owner of Martin Greenfield Clothiers.

With a cooler Brooklyn connection.

"I've personally measured 68 different characters for the show," he said.

All the work done at Martin Greenfield Clothiers, a family run hand tailored men's wear manufacturer.

"They did all of the research to bring us the pictures and achieves of what it really looks like," Greenfield said.

From there, they worked closely with the movie's costume designer to age the pieces, further giving them an authentic look.

From film to some of the most famous high profile public figures: Mayor Bloomberg, Commissioner Kelly, Colin Powell and Bill Clinton, they have dressed them all.

That's Martin, in his 80's, here five days a week, always dressed and still very much apart of this process. His son says the hardest worker in the place, proud of what he has built.

"It takes about 85 operations to 100 operations to make one jacket," said Martin Greenfield, founder of Martin Greenfield Clothiers.

Gives you an idea what it took to make this black suit jacket, one of dozens the Greenfields worked on for the upcoming remake of the 1981 comedy "Arthur".

"It was really challenging to make clothing for someone as modern as Russell brand and yet have an elegant settle row English background," said Jay Greenfield.

The men hope to be involved with other major projects and continue serving their private clients, changing how we look one suit at a time.